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Philosophy & Code of Conduct

"...experience, quality and honesty."

Our Philosophy

Fundamental principles of A&A standards are technological  supremacy, conformity with the international standards and regulations, effective project management and resource allocation, prompt and cost-eff ective service, rational and practical solutions, selective and high-grade product range.

Code of Conduct

Company code is experience, quality and honesty. Our code embodies the vision of our company founders and encompasses the values that are vital for construction business. These values represent how we treat each other, how we deal with our customers and how we hold each other and ourselves accountable. This is the legacy we will leave for the future generations to replace us.


71 Vaja Pshavela ave.,
T: +995 32 2207 400
F: +995 32 2207 500

Istanbul Office

Sanlier Sk. Gul Apt. No/A Suadiye, Kadikoy, 34742,
Istanbul / TURKEY